poniedziałek, 1 października 2012

Opis obrazka #1 - matura ustna

Opis obrazka 

The picture shows three people. I think they’re family. There are two adults. The man is wearing a blue T-shirt. He’s got black hair. The woman’s wearing a pink top. She’s a brunette. The girl between them is dressed in a green T-shirt. She’s a brunette too. She’s got a fringe. She might be 10 or 12. They are all wearing glasses and they’re reading a newspaper. I think they’re having fun because they’re all smiling. Perhaps they’re in a park because there are some trees in the background. It is a very sunny day. It may be a Sunday afternoon.

Przydatne wyrażenia:
In the picture I can see...
The picture shows...
There is/are ..... in the picture.
He/she is wearing
He/she is dressed in
He’s got blue eyes/His eyes are blue.
He/she might be about 12 years old.
The person on the left/right...
In the background...

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  1. Teraz już wiem - w 2. trzeba zawsze najwięcej szczegółów podać - wtedy będzie rozwinięte :) Dzięki wielkie :)